Why Instagram likes are so important

Why Instagram likes are so important

A ranked feed has been working on Instagram for a long time. This means that not all of your subscribers see your posts. If a post gets a good number of likes, comments and saves, the Instagram algorithm decides that it is an interesting post and shows it to more people, raising it higher in the feed. If the subscribers do not respond to the post (do not like, do not write comments), the algorithm decides that the post is bad and can not be shown to anyone. No, Instagram doesn't it or hide it. It's just that other posts of your own account or even posts of other people break out ahead. And this one, uninteresting, is gathering dust some behind the closet.

Of course, it's a pity when you have long and persistently recruited subscribers to your Instagram account, and now your posts have tiny coverage and no one even sees them. After all, the less the coverage of your account, the fewer people will know about your promotion, new product, new course, new service ... And the fewer people know about what you are selling, the fewer people will be able to buy it. If you want more sales, you need likes.

However, if you are a blogger and don't sell anything, you can also monetize your account. Instagram stores actively collaborate with bloggers and pay them to place ads. But in this case, stores are also interested in the reach of your posts and the number of likes under the posts. Want to attract advertisers? You need likes, at least 50 free likes instagram.

And even if you don't sell anything at all and don't advertise, but at the same time you like to share your thoughts and / or your creativity with people, and you want to develop your account using free methods, you need likes again. In order to be offered mutual PR and other free affiliate promotion, your account must perform well. Yes, in the case of partnerships, rarely does anyone ask for coverage statistics. But everyone looks at the number of likes and comments. And if you have nothing to brag about in these categories, no one wants to cooperate with you. And you will continue to publish your brilliant posts for mom and girlfriend.

That is why now bloggers and shops "beg" for likes. Or rather, they remind you that likes are important and you should sap your heart if you liked the post.


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